Forstack - Signal as a Service

Brainpool's team of PhD-level AI experts built an algorithm which predicts movements in the financial time-series better than any other model you've seen


Data Input

Cloud-agnostic data infrastructure allows Forstack to plug in to any data source.

Data Pre-processing

Instantly process real-time market information.

Cutting-edge Algorithm

Dynamically swap ML models to achieve the best possible results.

Secure results delivery

Receive signals directly through a secure API.

about us

What is so special about Forstack?

Forstack is a bespoke Signal-as-a-Service product based on an algorithm predicting movements in the financial time-series using stacking. The solution represents an AI-based proprietary technology that can be used to process real-time fed market information to make short term intraday predictions within the price market. Such predictions target any type of financial asset that has a high frequency price series (i.e. FOREX, crypto, equities). Forstack has an ability to dynamically swap AI models in real-time, which allows it to achieve better results than single-model predictions.

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