Forstack - Item-Level demand forecasting

Whether you like it or not, your sales are dependent on many external factors: weather, local events, seasonality, day of the week and many more.
Forstack uses data to help you get better at predicting which items will be in demand.


Data Input

Cloud-agnostic data infrastructure allows Forstack to plug in to any data source.

Data Pre-processing

Clean your internal data and integrate with external data sources.

Cutting-edge Algorithm

Forstack uses Temporal Fusion Transformer(TFT) to predict item-level demand to a high level of accuracy.

Secure results delivery

Integrate item-level demand analysis with your in-house software and systems.

about us

What is so special about Forstack?

Brainpool’s team of PhD-level Artificial Intelligence experts developed a system that incorporates various publicly available data sources to increase the accuracy of your item-level sales predictions.
Using TFT we are able to achieve a higher level of accuracy, giving you the insights you need to get smarter at optimizing your production, stock control and maximise revenue potential.
You may have looked into demand forecasting tools before. Check if you get higher prediction accuracy with Forstack.

Get In Touch

Want to get better at predicting sales?

If you’re looking for ways to improve your demand prediction using a variety of data and the latest AI and Machine Learning research get in touch with our team.
After the initial consultancy will verify whether your business qualifies for a Free Trial of where we validate prediction accuracy improvement with Forstack.